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Our Mission


At the Bell School, Irish dancing is our passion and we are very serious about it.  Since our inception in 1999, it has been our mission to inspire the same passion for Irish dancing in each and every one of our students.   We do this through an uncompromising commitment to excellence in the instruction we provide, our relentless drive to succeed in competition, and by fostering an environment that is positive, encouraging, and welcoming to all regardless of age or skill level.   We see each and every one of our students as an individual with unique abilities and aspirations, realizing that success is defined individually.   We believe that each student deserves to discover and achieve their fullest potential.   Whether you enjoy Irish dancing purely for recreation or aspire to succeed at the highest levels of international competition, our programs are designed for you.   


Throughout the years, our school has trained thousands of dancers in the art form, and we have achieved a very high level of competitive success at the regional, national, and international level.  However, we have learned that what our dancers take away from this experience is far more valuable and enduring than any trophy or title.   From a young age, we teach dancers how to inspire themselves and build confidence and self-esteem.  Our dancers learn that truly meaningful successes are unattainable without perseverance, hard work, and dedication.    We teach them that victory is never assured with hard work alone— but that failure and defeat is guaranteed in its absence.   Our students learn how to train their bodies as well as their minds for success, but also how to handle defeat with grace and dignity.  We value respect above all— the examples we set inspire dancers to respect themselves and one another.   Friendships are made here that cross all boundaries and live on long after dancers have graduated and left our ranks.  Traditions are built here that span generations, as evidenced by the growing number of children of former Bell School dancers that we count among us.  It is in these measures also that we gauge our success as teachers of dance, of performance, of competition, and of life.   Our hope is to provide each student with an experience that will be looked at as an important and special part of their life.   

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