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Class Offerings


The Bell School has many different course offerings to meet the needs of dancers ranging from preschoolers to World Champion contenders.   Below is a brief summary of the range of programs offered by the Bell School:  


PRESCHOOL:  Our preschool classes are indented for students ages 4 and 5 who have not yet entered kindergarden.    Here, they learn the rudiments of Irish dancing in an environment that is age-appropriate and most importantly fun! 


STEP ;  Our most popular offerings, these courses teach Irish step dancing- the style popularized by shows such as "Riverdance".    We offer many levels of stepdancing instruction ranging from beginnier to expert,  students learn progressively harder movements as their skill and fitness level advances.   Students interested in competitive Irish dance have the option of attending this class twice per week.  


MASTERS:   Intended for our most advanced and highly competitive dancers, our Masters class helps dancers acheive the extremely high fitness level required to execute the more advanced movements.   


FIGURES:   In our figures class, students are taught choreographed group dances that are performed in front of local audiences.   Our performing troupes are drawn from students enrolled in these classes.  


ADULT:    Intended for adult students interested in Irish step and ceili dancing for fitness and recreation.  Contact Catie McCarthy-Kelly for more information.






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