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St. Patrick's Day Parade


Pittsburgh's annual St. Patrick's day parade is a tradition dating back to 1869 and is said to be among the largest celebrations of Irish heritage in the nation.   Each year, as many as 350,000 spectators line Pittsburgh's streets as more than 20,000 participants in 200 marching units march through the city.   The parade has been held every year without interruption since 1950- even during the St. Patrick's Day Blizzard of 1993!   Since its inception in 1999, the St. Patrick's Day Parade has been an opportunity for the Bell School students to show off their talents in front of a crowd that rivals the legendary Woodstock Festival of 1969.   One of the largest marching units in the parade, the Bell School ranks stretch for at least two city blocks.  With hundreds of dancers performing in unison, the Bell School is a crowd favorite.  It is no surprise that the Bell School has been awarded the Grand Marshall Award for the Best Overall Entry in the parade five times since the Bell School's inception in 1999.  

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